Next meeting: November 30, 2018

Posted: October 15, 2018

Date: 11-30-2018

Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM

Location: 200 Yale Ave Morton, PA 19070

Topic: Substance Abuse in the School Setting: How to Recognize it and Intervene.

Presenter: Sherri Freas

Presenter Bio:

Sherri Freas began her professional career as a kindergarten teacher at a public city elementary school.  After 15 years in education, she went back to school to earn a master’s degree in Marriage, couple and family counseling.  While accumulating hours for licensure, Sherri worked at the Lebanon Treatment Center, a methadone clinic, working with people suffering from opiate addiction.  Currently, Sherri is working in private practice, helping people suffering from mental health, relationship issues and addiction.  She is also working with at-risk students through the Student Assistance Program in several schools in Lebanon County.  Sherri is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor and Certified Advanced Addiction and Drug Counselor through the state of Pennsylvania.